Do Motorhomes Have Airbags? (Types + Where Are They)

You may be wondering if motorhomes have airbags, and since motorhomes are in a class of their own, they have different safety regulations than other vehicles.

So, do motorhomes have airbags? If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

Do Motorhomes Have Airbags?

Class A motorhomes do not have any airbags, instead, they have other safety features put in place for everyone’s protection. Class B and C motorhomes do have airbags that work just like airbags in cars and trucks, but they can be located differently.  

If you’d like to learn more about if motorhomes have airbags, if Coachmen Class B motorhomes have airbags and more, keep reading for more useful facts!

Where are Coachmen Class B Motorhome Airbags?

Class B motorhome airbags are very similar in the front seats to any ordinary vehicle. There are airbags in the front steering wheel, in the passenger dashboard, sometimes in the seats for torso protection, and possibly in other places.

Unlike Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes have to be crash-tested for their airbag safety and overall safety.

Where are Class Coachmen C Motorhome Airbags?

In Class C motorhomes, they are also required to have airbags for front passengers just like other vehicles, but you won’t find airbags throughout the cabin or living space of these motorhomes.

Do Class C Motorhome Airbags Have Seat Airbags?

Much like the Class B motorhomes, class C motorhomes could come with side seat airbags, but this would be much more of a rarity than on the Class B motorhomes.

Do Mercedes Class B Motorhomes Have Side Curtain Airbags?

Side curtain airbags are not required on Class B motorhomes, but they may have been installed as a feature from the factory. That is why it’s very important for all people who are in a Class B motorhome to stay seated while the vehicle is in motion.

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Just like all modern vehicles with airbags, if you’re not in your seat and properly belted in and the airbags deploy, you could be putting yourself in grave danger. And of course, if the airbags deploy, they would be rendered useless to a passenger.

Do RAM Camper Vans Have Airbags?

Campervans are a form of a Class C motorhome, so they’re held to the same standard of at least having an airbag in the steering wheel for the driver and an airbag in the dashboard for the passenger.

Do Winnebago Vias Have Airbags?

Do Winnebago Vias Have Airbags?

Winnebago Vias are considered Class A motorhomes, so they will have the standard front driver and passenger-side airbags.

However, because of the setup, more than likely you won’t have any airbags throughout the cabin.

Why Do Fleetwood Class A Motorhomes Not Have Airbags?

Unfortunately, the most unsafe motorhome class of them all, in the event of an accident, meets the weight requirement to not have to have front airbag systems.

Since the engine is put in the back, and the front driver and passenger have almost no steel crumple cushion in front of them in the event of an accident, a front end collision could cause the front seat passenger serious damage.

How Long Will Motorhome Airbags Last?

Motorhome airbags will last as long as they’re not deployed, and once they are deployed, they have to be serviced by a qualified technician.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Motorhome Airbags?

The cost for airbag replacement depends on if your motorhome just has front airbags or front and curtain airbags. Front airbags usually run about the same amount as an ordinary larger vehicle’s airbag replacement – $500 – $2000 dollars per airbag.

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However, if you have side curtain airbags that were deployed, depending on the setup, they could cost a little more per airbag.

Are Airbags Safe in Motorhomes?

Airbags are just as safe in motorhomes as they are in any other vehicles. If you follow proper procedure (meaning being seated and buckled-up while the vehicle is in motion), you will be safer than if you didn’t have airbags.

There is always a possibility for minor injuries from airbags, but they will be saving you from possible serious injuries or death depending on the situation.

Will Motorhome Airbags Deploy On Their Own?

There’s not much data on premature motorhome airbag deployment, which is due to the heaviness of the vehicles. In fact, it would take a lot to aggravate an airbag sensor in such a heavier vehicle.

Is it Safe for Kids to Sit in the Front Seat of a Motorhome With Airbags?

The rules are the same for front-seat passengers in motorhomes as they are in any other vehicle on the road.

All front seat occupants must meet the same height, weight, and age requirements to sit in the front seats of a motorhome, whether it has airbags or not.

Are Jayco Motorhome Airbags for Class B and Class C the Same?

Front driver-side and passenger-side airbags for Class B and Class C Motorhomes are generally the same. Driver-side airbags will be in the steering wheel and passenger-side airbags will be in the dashboard.

If the motorhome has seat airbags, they will work the same as well. The difference is that for Class B motorhomes, some will have side curtain airbags throughout the cabin whereas the Class C motorhomes will not.

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Class A motorhomes will more than likely not have any airbags inside the cabin. Class B and C motorhomes will have government-mandated front airbags for the driver and the passenger.

Whether or not a Class B or C motorhome will have side seat airbags will be determined by how they were ordered from the factory. And depending on the brand, class B motorhomes could have side curtain airbags.

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